Gutterdämmerung: La película muda mas ruidosa de la historia

Gutterdämmerung: La película muda mas ruidosa de la historia

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La Mejor Arma estuvo en comunicación con Bjorn Tagemose, responsable de la película muda mas ruidosa y pesada del mundo. A continuación revivimos lo que nos dijo...

La Mejor Arma: Where did the idea come from? (For both, the story and the whole concept of a silent rock opera) 

Bjorn Tagemose: From being a fan !

I have seen so many gigs, stagedived, been in the pitt’s with the fans. Right in the rock and roll Gutter.

This show is made by a fan & the artists together for other fans

And the weird thing all the artists are fans to ! of eachother !

I’m just a fan man ! Like all of the rockers out there.

It is so warming to see the world posting from Japan to Latin america and see there are brothers and sisters everywhere loving it.

And that is where it came from, from my heart that loves those kids in front of the stage just as much as the boys on stage.

It does not have the intention to be a new masterpiece of the Opera or The new Quadrophenia.

It’s just great fun for Rock fans , a film you can still follow when you had to many beers .

We do not take ourselves to serious , even  if the level of artists both visual and performing on stage and in the film is very very high.

We have chosen not to attend film festivals, this thing belongs on a loud stage with the kids , not with the elite drinking champagne.

Hence the “Golden Lemmy’s" me and Lem invented 😉 A big fuck you to the establishment the way our General loved it !!!

I love Rocky Horror show, i guess that it has traces of that , just as it has traces of Nosferatu and general rock culture.

Like the simpsons you can see it two ways : like an adult, looking at the the hidden hints that me, Henry and the rockers in it cooked up

or like a kid, head banging & enjoying the funny characters in it without thinking about the message.

Or you can interact and shout back at the stage or Rollins ! Stage dive !

Nobody really made a rock opera for the loud , or they are cheesy rock opera’s with fake stars.

This show enables to see 12 fullblood rock and roll horses in action at one time

LMA: What was the biggest challenge that you had in bringing it to life? How long did it take you?

BT: It took me 5 years.

Just me and my wife & producer Katarina, the toughest wife on earth to stick with a man with a crazy plan

we fought like lions to fund it , get the stars onboard.

But they all loved it, Iggy, Lemmy , Grace , Henry, Josh etc

Really incredible how cool these artists all are , when they see a good thing, you do not need to be rich like Trump or Hollywood, that buys it's stars.

They will just help you out man ! You can not buy guys like Iggy or Lem, they love it or they hate it.

True artists every one of them.

And all of them support the film online , it saved us the big hollywood budgets you need to promote.

But even then setting up a show and film like this is though.

The biggest challenge was finding money for a weird black and white film

& making everyone understand this is a show, not a film

or wait maybe it is all in one !;)))  The confusion around the project has proven it’s biggest strength.

But the sceptics seem to lose the fight ! The kids are all screaming for it to come to their town,

we get masses of mails very day

We are an enigma ! 🙂

LMA: How was it to work with so many icons and legends of rock & roll? Did you intend to have them all from the start? 

BT: I intended to get as many as possible , but i thought i would get none of them .

Insane ! They all embraced my idea and they talked into me to hold out , not give up, Fight.

It is weird to work and direct your own heroes.

From the original cast in the script i think in have 80% in it.

LMA: Were the different characters thought specifically for the artists?

BT: Yes, they all hint to their personalities and very often the artists play the opposite of what they stand for.

We love to take the piss at cliches:)

LMA: Was there any one that you couldn’t get (and if so, did it affect the story)?

BT: Yes David Bowie for obvious reasons  & Keith Richards was close but when Jagger’s wife passed away

and their tour dates shifted it became to late to pursue. We had to finish it at one point and film.

LMA: What where your expectations for the premiere? How did it play out?

BT: Great ! I was supernervous but we played one closed night to just kids, the punks and trash and metalheads and they went bezerk.

I knew then that it was good, it is made for them.

You can actually stagedive or pogo to this ! 😉

Apart from the odd comment of one single shocked Cultural Journalist who thought it was loud ( haha ! ) & stinking of beer and male sweat :))) ( he didn’t realise that was a compliment ;DDD) , all the press loved it

All went really really great in Berlin, cheerz all over in press / Online , great feedback from promotors

I think everyone in that small 250 people crowd came and hugged us , the band is insane !

LMA: What’s the plan for the rest of the tour? Are you particularly excited for any specific tour date?

BT: I’m looking forward to all of them really, i Hope we make South America soon and Japan

We have many brothers and sisters near you ! 😉

LMA: The movie is obviously conceived as more than just the film, and the “theatrical” experience of viewing it seems to play a big role on the project. Do you imagine a DVD or VOD release at any point in the future?

BT: I think we may, but it will always be a live version if we bring it out.

It is as much a staged show as it is a film, i think you have undertsood that really well !

You really need to see and mostly hear it live, the force of the live band in combination with the images is the way to experience it.

LMA: Any plans on touring the movie outside Europe? (Here’s hoping for the chance to see it in Argentina at some point)

BT: Yes !!! I would so much love to come to Argentina man !!!!

Let’s do it !

LMA: Anything else you would like to tell Argentinean audiences?

BT: You guys ROOOOCK !!  we love you !!!!  Let’s meet up live !!!!! And tell your promotors you need this shit ! ;))))

And best of all, you have summer when we have dark scandinavian winter ! We will bring some evil darkness to your light ! Buaaaahhhhuuuu ! ;)))

LMA: Again, thank you so much for taking the time to make this awesome project, and to answer these questions

BT: Thank you man for supporting  our humble project !!!!

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